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Efavir 600 mg Tablets

efavir 600 mg Efavir is taken with other antiretroviral medications to treat patients infected with HIV-1. The main component of Efavir is efavirenz, and it is available in 200mg and 600mg tablets. Efavir cannot stop the progression of HIV to AIDS on its own; it must be part of a regimen of anti-HIV medications. Adding only Efavir to a currently failing regimen is also insufficient.

Dosage & Administration

efavir 600 mg  tab The recommend dose of Efavir for adults is 600mg once daily. Administering Efavir without food may help improve adverse intestinal effects. Pediatric patients who weigh greater than 40kg can take the recommended dose for adults, but smaller children should be dosed based on the following guidelines: Those weighing between 10kg and 15kg should be limited to 200mg of Efavir once a day; those between 15kg and 20kg can take up to 250mg once a day; those between 20kg and 25kg can take up to 300mg once a day; those between 25kg and 32.5kg can take up to 350mg once a day; and patients between 32.5kg and 40kg may take 400mg once a day. Efavir is not safe for children who are younger than three years of age or weigh less than 10kg.


efavir 600 mg mrp Any patient with a history of hypersensitivity to efavirenz should not take Efavir. Patients who take ergot alkaloids, midazolam, astemizole, cisapride or triazolam should avoid Efavir.

Side Effects

Side effects associated with Efavir include:

  • impaired concentration
  • rash
  • dizziness
  • abnormal dreams
  • insomnia

Severe psychiatric side effect have been reported by patients taking Efavir including:

  • suicidal idealization or attempts
  • manic reactions
  • severe depression
  • paranoid reactions
  • aggressive behavior
  • hallucinations
  • somnolence

There may be other side effects that have yet to be recorded. Tell your doctor right away if you feel any changes in your health when beginning Efavir.

Precautions & Warnings

efavir 600 mg precio argentina Nervous system system side effects typically begin within a couple of days after starting Efavir and cease in two-four weeks. Those with a previous history of psychiatric illness may be at a greater risk for psychiatric symptoms. Rashes often resolve on their own but can rarely become serious. Some patients who have had seizures in the past experienced convulsions while taking Efavir. Patients with hepatitis or who are taking other treatments metabolized by the liver, such as concomitant anticonvulsants, must have their plasma levels and liver enzymes monitored while on Efavir. It is also recommend that patients taking Efavir have their triglycerides and cholesterol checked on a regular basis.

Pregnancy & Lactation

efavir 600 mg bula Efavir may contaminate breast milk. Women with HIV should avoid breat feeding to prevent the risk of transmitting the virus to their infant.


The effects of taking more Efavir than recommended are undocumented. Do not take more than the prescribed amount.

Efavir 600 mg Tablets | Cipla Efavirenz 600 mg Price | Buy Efavir